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IRS Audits – Were You Selected?

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will randomly choose tax filings each year to audit, checking in-depth for accuracy and legitimacy. The IRS also has the ability to single-out someone deliberately and perform an audit, usually due to an egregious error being made somewhere in the tax return. Knowing that the IRS has a magnifying glass trained over you can be understandably intimidating, but with the help of our Cerritos tax lawyers, you can get through the process unscathed. With our team here at RJB Law Offices in you corner, you can understand and protect your rights with confidence and calmness.

IRS Audit Process Explained

Many people will admit that the IRS audit process is frightening simply because it is an unknown. The first step in protecting yourself from the scrutiny of the IRS should be understanding the typical audit and how it plays out. Keep in mind, however, that each audit will be unique due to variables that depend on your own financial situation and what the IRS discovers.

During the audit process, you maintain the following rights that the IRS cannot overstep:

  • Tax matters kept in confidentiality
  • Reason for audit clearly stated
  • Informed how your tax information will be used
  • Professional mannerisms from the IRS representatives
  • Legal representation permitted
  • Chance to appeal IRS conclusions

At the end of a tax audit, the IRS will decide that:

  • Your audit was acceptable and requires no changes.
  • Your audit requires changes and you agree to the changes.
  • Your audit requires changes and you do not agree.

Reaching an accepted outcome is usually directly dependent on the experience and knowledge of your attorney. If an unacceptable outcome is reached, you will need to prepare for further investigation. In rare cases, litigation may be required to protect your rights and finances.

Retain Our Services & Take Control of Your IRS Audit

The last thing you want to do while the IRS conducts an audit may be to sit idly by. Keep in mind that being selected does not automatically mean that you have done something wrong on your tax return. It just means that the IRS is going to take a closer look. Make certain they see what they need to see by teaming up with our Cerritos tax law and debt settlement attorneys today.

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