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Wage Garnishment

Is Your Paycheck Being Garnished?

Wage garnishment is the court-ordered deduction of money from a person's paycheck to pay another entity or individual. It is based on a legal judgment that the money is owed. Wage garnishment continues until the debt has been paid or the person who accrued the debt has paid it off in some other way.

Sometimes too much money is garnished, and the person can no longer pay their basic living expenses. When this happens, a claim can be filed to dispute the court order.

If wage garnishment is preventing you from paying for bare necessities, call a Cerritos bankruptcy lawyer to find out how your garnishment order can be challenged. A skilled attorney will also be able to advise you on ways to stop wage garnishment such as filing a bankruptcy petition, and other debt relief measures.

Wage Garnishment Lawyer in Cerritos

When you get behind in your bills, a creditor will make various attempts to collect the money that is owed. If those efforts fail, legal actions to recover the money will usually be undertaken, such as filing a lawsuit. If it is determined in court that you owe the money, the court can order that a percentage of your paycheck go towards the debt.

Wage garnishment includes debts such as:

  • Credit card debts
  • Child support
  • Student loans
  • Taxes

Wage garnishment is an indicator of serious money problems associated with overwhelming debts. RJB Law Offices should be contacted at once if you are facing the possibility of wage garnishment, or money is already being taken out of your paycheck. Attorney Ray Bulaon can evaluate your debt situation and provide competent advice on the best way to address your financial circumstances. He can determine if you qualify for bankruptcy, and can suggest other possible solutions to help relieve your debts.

Contact a Wage Garnishment Attorney from our firm to prevent money from being taken out of your paycheck and to get advice on ways to resolve your financial difficulties.

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