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For many, the thought of successfully dealing with the IRS over unfiled tax returns, owing back taxes and other tax situations can be unsettling.  For some, their tax problems can seem impossible to handle.  If this applies to you, an experienced Cerritos bankruptcy attorney should be consulted, as there are proven methods to resolve tax problems with the IRS.   

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings can provide, in some cases, relief from the tax burdens.  Bankruptcy, however, may not be the correct debt relief solution for all individuals.  The first step for nearly all individuals is to become a compliant tax payer.  Any delinquent tax returns will need to be properly filed.  At RJB Law Offices, we have the knowledge to assist individuals to successfully file these past returns, which pave the way to the next steps in handling your IRS debts.

Tax Resolution Solutions

Your tax debt may simply be too large and your income not enough, that you simply cannot pay what you owe.  In this case, an "Offer in Compromise" may be a viable alternative.  When presented correctly and approved by the IRS, you will be able to pay a lower amount than the full debt that you owe.  In many cases it will be considered, however, a full and final payment of your debt.  By retaining a competent attorney, your chances for approval of your offer can be increased, while not paying more than you have to.

Sometimes a person just needs more time in order to pay off their taxes fully.  A payment plan can be proposed to the IRS to fully pay off your debt over a period of time.  The IRS will stop collection actions against you once the plan is approved.  There are other types of relief that can be sought if they apply to your situation.  Our best advice is to not wait to handle your situation as IRS problems usually don't get better with time.

If you have any tax problems that need effective resolution, contact an experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Cerritos .

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